Friday Night, Last Light – Intro week

Since this is the first of (hopefully) many FNLL entries, I’ll just do a quick little explanation about what you’re going to be seeing on Friday nights. I’m going to start doing a weekly post in addition to the usual random ones. Weekly – on Friday Nights (duh). The “Last Light” comes from the fact that I just didn’t want to do a post-a-week like everyone else. So it means that my post will be published at some point between sunset and midnight aka Last Light. This makes the weekly post a little more difficult, in the summer I’ll have very little time and in the winter I’ll have all evening. I love a good challenge!

So tonight it’s short and sweet, not much content and no fancy pictures or interesting stories. Just giving you a heads up on what’s going on around barbiedollxo. Next week will be the first ‘actual’ blog of FNLL and it will be much better, I promise.

Stay tuned <3

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