A season of change: Autumn

Photos by Nathanael Patriquin
Photos by Nathanael Patriquin
Photos by Nathanael Patriquin
Photos by Nathanael Patriquin

Well now.

It’s Autumn. Once again, another summer has come to pass, and we’re heading over the bridge to snow and holidays and warm winter boots. (Or cold winter boots, if they’re last year’s!) Those hot sunny days walking on the beach are fading like our tan lines, and those springtime flowers are wilted and dying. With the change of seasons, come many other changes as well. It’s more than colder temperatures and beautiful Autumn colours. It’s more than shorter days and longer nights. It’s a season of change.

Getting out of that summertime haze and getting back to the daily grind of work or school.

Getting back into the old routine, or a new routine. Maybe you’re going to the gym regularly now, or starting a new project.

Chores. There are leaves all over the lawn to rake now, it’s time to put away the patio furniture, and batten down the hatches for the rain and impending Canadian winter.

For me, this Autumn season is going to be more than school and work and routine and chores. It’s going to be a time for Thanksgiving – literally, because I have so much to be thankful for, and also a time for counting my blessings. This is a season for taking a look at all I take for granted and making a change. Appreciating moments with loved ones, doing good deeds, loving with all my heart.

Change comes with every season – it’s inevitable. The question is, will you?


[This blog post was inspired by Nathanael Patriquin’s photography. Please wait patiently for “A season of change: Winter”, “A season of change: Spring”, and “A season of change: Summer”]

4 thoughts on “A season of change: Autumn

  1. Your writing is beautiful. I love the first paragraph and the last line “will you?”. Provokes through. It’s perfect.

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