Project 2,996 – Barbara A Shaw

“If you had a hobby or an interest, the next time you saw her, she would have a book for you or something to give you about that subject,” Rysztogi said. “She wasn’t just like that with me, she did that for everyone. That’s the kind of person she was.” (From this article.)

When I heard about “Project 2,996” I was amazed. I wanted in on it, I wanted to contribute and to let the world know that, even though ten years have passed, I still remember. I still care. For those of you who do not know what Project 2996 is, you can read about it here or here – and I encourage you to do so!

I chose Barbara A Shaw. I chose to honour someone and I wanted to make a personal connection. I figured that it would be difficult to do as soon as I saw the list – all of those names! Then I saw ‘Barbara’. I realized that, in that list of names, of course my own stood out to me. I shared something with this stranger – with Barbara – and so now I will share something else with her.

I learned that Barbara, 57, was the kind of loving, generous, family-oriented person that I’d hoped she would be. She was born in Little Rock, Arkansas and went to school in Philedelphia. She was one of the first to attend Bucks County Community College in 1965. She lived in Morristown for 19 years (such a long time to live in one place!) and was living in Morris Township at the time of her death.

She was a marketing manager, for an American company that I don’t recognize, called Compaq. The company name doesn’t matter, however, because I’m sure that wherever she worked she was liked and respected. Being a manager I am sure she had opportunity to work closely with her colleagues and from what I read about her character and history I am sure they were lucky to know her.

Barbara left behind a brother (who I quoted above), her mother, a daughter and two grandchildren. My heart goes out to her family and friends, as well as anyone who was blessed to have Barbara in their life and is not mentioned here. I know the past ten years have been hard without her in your day-to-day life and I hope that this helps to commemorate your efforts to remember her and pay tribute to her.

To Barbara A Shaw – if you can read this in Heaven – please know that you are dearly loved, truely missed, and held up high with admiration. Ten years ago you lost your life but it wasn’t in vain – you left behind a legacy of good for me to discover and for your family to cherish.

Barbara A Shaw


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