Stolen moments

Sometimes I think that throughout my life, things have been stolen from me. Memories, special events. Family members that have passed away. Plans that were never finalized, never made. Stolen moments from my life, that I can’t go back and re-live.

Today, I stole some back.

Today I had family pictures taken with my parents and Kevin, and then had our engagement shots done. All of those moments, the smiles and the laughs, the hugs, the kisses – they’re all frozen in time. My best friend spent her Labour Day stealing all of these moments from time and capturing them just for us.

This is just a small sample of all the pictures from the photoshoot earlier, it would take much too long to load them all on here. They aren’t even all on Facebook! But they are pictures that I am going to look back on in a year…

…five years…

…25 years…

…and I will know that I was lucky to have so much love captured in such fragile photographs. I will see smiles when I am crying tears, and feel hugs and warmth when I’m alone. I will age as will the photos, but the feeling in my heart will be as bright as the flash of the camera.

My stolen moments.

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