A true declaration of love.

Tomorrow, the day before Kevin goes back to work and 3 days before I start back at school, Kevin and I are FINALLY going to get our engagement pictures done! We’re having a dear friend of mine, Sasha (click here to see her work!), take the pictures for us and I’m so excited! We’ve been engaged for a year but are only just now having them taken. The only other photos we’ve had taken together was our first anniversary ‘gift’ to each other when we were still dating. Those are old now! It’s time to update our picture frames!

So as I sit here and sip hot chocolate, I am pondering this exciting snapshot of our life. Pictures are a fun way to look back and say “look how young we were!” or “do you remember this?”. I want to look back at these photos and think “we had so much fun”. So what should we do? How do we pose? And just how lovey dovey can I push Kevin to be in front of a camera?

These pictures are going to hang on my walls for years. They’re going to be sent out in Christmas cards and given to my Mom. They’re made even more special by the fact that my best friend, someone I hold close to my heart, is going to be capturing them. Tomorrow, Kevin might be shy. My smile might falter when I’m unsure how to pose next. Sasha might laugh at us when we try and get a little creative.

Photography. A true declaration of love.

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