“With great power, comes great responsibility.”

This blog is about FACEBOOK.

Today, August 18 2011, I posted this as my status:

“In an effort to maintain the relationships I have on Facebook, I think I am going to pick one ‘friend’ each day and send them a I-love-you-and-I’m-glad-you-are-in-my-life message. I have 150 friends, and there’s no order so if you don’t get your message until 150 days from now – don’t get mad! [Day 1, Aug 18, Dad.]”.

Afterwards, I wrote on my Dad’s wall. Tomorrow I’m going to write on my Mom’s, then Saturday is Kevin’s turn. After those 3 are done I’m going to start picking at random. I am considering it a Facebook Challenge, kind of like how some people upload a picture a day for a year or whatever.

I am just like most people who use this fancy schmancy social networking website and I have said my share of snide comments or rude remarks on Facebook. I’m not a cyber-bully (which is 100% wrong by the way – read about it!) but I mean hey, no one is nice all the time! Starting today, I am determined to say something nice to someone everyday. I’m not saying this will make up for bad things, and I might still say bad things once in a while but I’m going to say more good things, more often.

I have 150 friends on Facebook. I’m hoping by the end of this 150 days, I will want to start my list all over again. Heck, I might toss the list overboard and just say nice things at random! I’m just going to try and do something good on Facebook.

I’m sure even Mark Zuckerburg can say ‘Amen’ to that.


2 thoughts on ““With great power, comes great responsibility.”

  1. I have done something similar to this with various FB apps. and personal notes. It is a very good thing Barb! I can not wait for mine!!!! XO

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