Summer Sun…burn

So there’s this thing. It’s called vanity. Society also plays a key role. It’s the dumb, stupid, pointless, cruel, insane, off-kilter, left-field idea that being tanned is better than being the nice shade of pasty I maintain for 10 months of the year. Summer shows up, knocks on our door and says “Hey, the sun is here with me, the clouds have finally left, want to come hang out?” No amount of preaching can stop us. Melanoma can’t scare us. We are sun magnets and we are soaking it all up.

Then we are lobsters.

We are bright red beacons of our own stupidity. You know when you get really drunk (no, Mom, I don’t) and then the next day you get really hungover and sick (no Mom, really, I read about this) and then you drink a gallon of water, eat some greasy food with 2 Gravol and suddenly you’re the cool-cat acting like it never even happened? You can’t do that with a sunburn. You can’t cover it up – it hurts! You can hardly move, let alone pretend like it never happened. You were silly enough to skip the SPF and now it’s time to pay for it!

I was at the beach today for the second day in a row, and my dear friend said to me, “The sun is the Devil!” and I agreed. I also told her we were dancing with the Devil. Now that’s a bit extreme, but it seems to me I was a devil for Halloween once, and my lovely skin just about matches that ‘ole costume!

My Mom is disapointed that, as a nursing student, I don’t practice what I preach. Well folks, we all make our own decisions and we all pay the dues in the end. Be aware of the risks and if you dance with the devil, try partnering with a little SPF 30.

See you at the beach tomorrow..I’ll be the one in the turtleneck! ;)

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