Caution: May Achieve Greatness

Some people are born and you just know they are going to do something great. From Mozart to Jackie Evancho – you just know. Then there are the people that you don’t expect to be great. They live a normal life, with normal jobs, and they just end up being normal all of their life. Then, there’s my Dad.
He wasn’t born a prodigy but he doesn’t live a ‘normal’ life. He should have been born with a sign that read Caution: May Achieve Greatness. He is a mechanic, a seriously underestimated job – people take their car to be fixed, but could never imagine doing it themselves! It’s hard work and takes a lot of knowledge, about various cars and engines and parts and problems and a hundred things I could never do. But my Dad did it. And when cars weren’t an option anymore, he took his knowledge and skills and joined the military – a hard job just got harder. Yup, pretty great.
And he’s a married man. He met a woman, fell in love with her, and married her. He is the kind of man who would give everything up for my Mom. Back when they got together that might not have been much, but now they have a home together and live a life that they enjoy. Mom saw the sign, and knew he was a great man. Yup, pretty great.
So there was a man, with a career and a wife and still there was something missing. This man, wanted to have a baby. He wanted to take a great life, and make it greater. He wanted to be a Dad. And so he was. He and my Mom had me and then dedicated their lives to being the best parents in the world. They love me unconditionally, raised me with rules and values that I will pass to my children. When my Dad had to go overseas to serve his country, he did – for my Mom, and for me. And he made sure he came home every time. He spent all of his spare time teaching me, reading books to me, helping me grow into someone who could only hope to be like him. Yup, pretty great.
When you meet my dad, you might think he’s an average guy. He might be outside building something or fixing something in an old pair of sweats and you might think he’s just working hard. You might see an old car in his driveway – that’s mine. He bought and fixed it and gave it to me for university, so that I might do something great too. You might see me, wandering around, seeing what he’s been working on lately. Or riding on the back of his motorcycle on a hot summer day. You might see me smiling, happy with my life and living with a happy heart. Because I’ve learned from my hero, my popsicle, my old man, my Dad. And yup, that’s pretty great.

4 thoughts on “Caution: May Achieve Greatness

  1. greatness is achieved in various methods and accomplishments in life.any time you take this world on head on,conquer it`s challenges and raise a child to be respectful,and give (her) the love and knowledge ,fortitude to succeed ,!there is no greater example of “GREATNESS”.you are fortunate,barbara,to have this.enjoy your dad on fathers day and all year♥♥♥♥

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