…will you marry me?

There are many words that can change someone’s life.

Nice to meet you.


I love you.

I got accepted into University!

Move in with me.

Those are a few examples, but there have never been four words that have changed my life like “Will you marry me?”. If you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning (and if you haven’t been you’d better go catch up! Maybe start with this post!) then you already know how much I wanted to marry Kevin. What I’ve recently realized is, we’ve been engaged for almost a year and I haven’t told you how it happened! So, once upon a time…

Ok, so it’s not a fairy tale but it did work out pretty perfectly. Since I was a teeny tiny little girl I’ve been going to the Public Gardens in Halifax. This was one place that I’d never taken Kevin! We were in Nova Scotia visiting family and were planning to stay the night at my cousin Tammy and her boyfriend Matt’s apartment that night. I thought we could go for a stroll through the gardens while we waited for Tammy to finish work.

So we walked to the Gardens and when we got to the front gate there was a really unkind man yelling “We’re closed!! We’re closed!!”. I was so upset and turned to Kevin and apologized for being unable to take him there, as I’d talked about it so much! He shrugged it off and suggested going for a walk around downtown Halifax, since we were there anyway.

As we were walking along the sidewalk, we noticed one of the back gates of the Public Gardens was still open. Yup, you guessed it, we went in anyway! About 5 or 10 minutes after we were in there, another employee told us we’d have to make our way to the front gate to exit, and we happily complied – taking the long way around.

We wandered aimlessly while I pointed out all of my favourite spots to Kevin. The fountains and ponds, the ducks, the willow trees, the gorgeous flowers…

Then we ducked underneath this willow tree where there was a bench and a pond, to steal a few kisses. No one could see us there and we stood by the water happy with life and love and the chance to share a special moment in such a special place. Only there was something wrong. I was trying to kiss Kevin, and he kept trying to pull away! Finally he grabbed me firmly by each arm, pushed me back a little bit and then got down on one knee.

Barbara, I love you more than anything in the world, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?

And I said yes (of course!). I didn’t cry but I was very very excited!! Even the employee’s dirty look at the front gate when we left couldn’t dampen my excitement. It is one of my most treasured moments in my life so far.

So first I called my Mom’s cell phone, and she didn’t answer. Then I called my Dad’s twice before he answered and I could finally tell them! Then I called my Mom’s cousin Mary in Quebec, because she lives pretty far away and hardly ever hears any of the family news first. Then I slowly told as many people in person as I could, then Kevin and I updated our Facebook statuses for the rest of our friends and family, mine read “He got down on one knee <3” and his was “She said yes!”. And I still couldn’t be any happier!

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