Barbiedollxo going commercial.

A talented young lady recently posted my favourite tv commercial on Facebook, and it prompted me to showcase some of my favourites. Of course, I couldn’t find a few that I really wanted (the Olivieri commercial – “Four hours of hospital shows!”) but I did manage to find some classics, a few funny ones, and a few inspiring/meaningful ads. Hope you enjoy Barbiedollxo going commercial!

Because it still doesn’t get old, every time I watch it:

Because I crack up EVERY time, and also because Kevin uses Old Spice and actually smells that good:

Because it’s my favourite commercial (the short version):

Because I think that every woman in my life should have a realistic view on beauty – you’re beautiful!

Because it’s so sexual it hurts:

Because I couldn’t imagine my life without Mac:

Because I couldn’t find the 2011 one, but it doesn’t matter because this one is equally cute:

Because I was raised a reader:

Because not everyone lives on a tropical island, but it doesn’t matter:

Because this song will be stuck in your head all day, and the world really is awesome:

Because not only do I not eat meat, I was definately against the Double Down pre-vegetarian. So. Unhealthy.

2 thoughts on “Barbiedollxo going commercial.

    1. Anytime! :) I probably missed a million but it’s like trying to remember what was on your list when you’re AT the store – impossible! And there were some I couldn’t find..

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