breaking the rules.

I don’t have the title of my book yet.

You might not know this, but in high school I was the title queen! While there was usually a lot of red pen covering my papers – circling my mistakes and outlining tips in the margins. Things like, “You write too much like you speak, try to be more formal!”. I always took these to heart, however it was the one next to my title that I will never forget. “You always have such creative titles that always apply to the content. Great!” Well, thank you ma’am.

So titles are my thing, and I like to make ’em good. When I blog I always write the title in the top bar, within seconds of opening the ‘New Post’ page in my browser. I write it there, and then I write my blog. I have never once changed a title after finishing a school paper, and never after writing a blog post.

So now my issue is, I have this big dream. Become a nurse, get married, work, have a family. But I’ve decided to throw a book in there, something fictional that will capture a reader’s imagination for as long as I can hold it. A paperback that gets thrown into some twenty-something’s beach bag that she raves about to her girlfriends. A book with little pieces of my trials and triumphs weaved into the plot, masked by fictional characters and drama-filled climaxes. The problem is, I don’t have a title. I haven’t even thought about one. There’s no list of potentials, no ‘working title’. But I have this –

As I sit here and write this, I know that everything has turned out exactly as it should have – exactly as destiny had intended. I know that the three of us have shared in something that leaves each of us changed forever. Real friendship – it changes you. Though we may have travelled different paths in this life, they were only temporary roads, unpaved roads that led to one solid cobblestone street. The street that tripped us up but also brought us back together. And at the time I thought there was no way our lives could ever entwine in the way they had in our youth, but destiny brought us together then, why not again? Why not just when we needed it the most? And trust me, we needed it. We needed each other.

It’s short. It’s the opening paragraph of my book. It’s going to get me in trouble if I ever try to publish this novel and someone’s stolen it! But it’s the opening paragraph of my book and I am proud of it. They are words that are from my heart, that I have thought about and placed in a way that foreshadows numerous key components of the story. You don’t know who is saying those words, you don’t know a thing about this person. But you want to. So I have a plan for this novel and I know what is going to happen to my characters. I know how the story ends.

This time, however, I’m breaking the rules. I don’t have a title, and I won’t – not yet. I want to know what you think. Can you tell from my opening paragraph what few simple words are intriguing and tempting enough to be on the cover of my book? Can you do what I’ve done for everything I’ve written, and name it before you know a thing about it? What can you come up with from one short paragraph?

4 thoughts on “breaking the rules.

  1. Like naming your new baby… your new baby (novel) may have to be fully born before you see the name that totally is meant to be just for it.

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