pour it onto paper.

I’d like to write a book.

There – I said it! Now I know there are a million folks in the world who aspire to the same dream. People who have spent years in English classes and Creative Writing courses, who’ve gotten a degree in Literature and who’ve aspired to outshine all of the great authors of the world. People who’ve lived a long life, rich with the kind of events that fill a novel with all of the things a reader wants to read.

I’m a Nursing student who has taken one English elective in my first year of university. My favourite nights are the hot summer ones spent having BBQs with family and getting together with close friends. I haven’t finished a degree, and I can’t talk about my patients due to confidentiality (not to mention I’d lose any readers with a weak stomach!). And lastly – there’s no million-dollar-market for Canadian authors (but don’t tell my Canadian Lit teacher from high school!).

So now the question is; to write a book, or not to write a book? And if I do write one, what to I write about? What do people want to read?

Since I’ve been a child I have been a reader. From Stan and Jan Berenstain to Nicholas Sparks. From E.B. White to Emily Brontë. Jennifer Weiner and Nora Roberts to Shakespeare. I’ve fallen in love with characters a hundred times over. I’ve been puzzled and held in suspense reading Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, and competed with Miss Drew in solving Carolyn Keene’s classics. I’ve read action and suspense and gushy love stories. I have always read books and that will continue on into old age but writing is a different dessert entirely.

So can I write? I always have. I’ve always loved picking my own essay topics in school and writing poems and reflections was never a chore. When I was little I thought I could write songs, and had notebooks full of the things that bother young teenagers. I have this blog – my one place of refuge where I can say anything I want and for some reason (still unknown to me) you all read it! So I’m going to write a book. It’s my first one and it’ll probably take a long time. I’ve never developed plots or characters and I don’t know the first thing about contacting editors or publishers. You might never see my manuscript or my novel on shelves but I’m going to write it. And it’s going to be good. I’m just going to pour it onto paper.

4 thoughts on “pour it onto paper.

  1. Yay, yipee!! I cannot wait to read this book! Barb, I will wait in great anticipation for this read!!! You know I love your blogs so much! Break a leg or rip a page, whatever it is we should say to authors, I wish you many hours of fine writing at your computer!

    1. Thank you, you’re such a sweetheart! <3 I plan to stick with it, and it's thanks to folks like you!! :) Who know's if it'll ever get published but I'm sure I could email you a copy if not! Haha Thanks for being such a faithful reader!!

  2. Oh yes, please do!!! I know you could get published, just find the connections you need! XO

  3. love your writings..life along the cobblestone road…best of luck with your book,looking forward to it.it`ll be next to our heart near your flowers that are now under the new gazebo…that`s when i`ll take them down and keep them with your book…loves ya,uncle bert,aunt helen♥♥♥♥

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