UPDATE: Since writing this post, I’ve given up ceasar dressing, although I found an organic one without anchovies in it, I just haven’t tried it yet. So now I’m no meat, no seafood – no living animal. Still have milk products and eggs.


Ok, so far since I’ve tried this vegetarian thing I’ve made a couple boo-boos (vegans around the world would have my head!) and here’s why:

Cute eh? Guess what?! There are anchovies in cesear salad dressing, and I didn’t read the label until yesterday at McDonald’s when I ordered a salad. It was Renées dressing but also my Compliments one in the fridge has anchovies in it too. Disgusting and yet still I’m not giving up cesear salad. Is that wrong? What do you think?

2 thoughts on “slip-ups.

  1. HA! – I think that everyone who makes the change to this diet has made mistakes like that, either by choice or by accident. I recently found out about porcine enzymes that are used in a lot of “junk” snacks, like Cheetos – it’s basically boiled pig parts, so now those’re off my list.
    I would answer yer question with a question: what’s yer reason for not eating meat? If it’s to make a statement and share an idea with others, then I think it’s hard to do that if you still eat anything with animal parts in it. I made a complete break from ANYthing with animal parts, BUT I occasionally eat dairy products. So while I’m making a difference, it doesn’t send as strong a message to those I interact with as it would if I were really vegan. In the end, eating should always be about joy, not judging ourselves or others… even tho’ that is often human nature.

    1. I still eat egg and dairy products but had decided not to eat seafood. It feels a little wrong to have the dressing but it’s my personal choice I guess. I decided not to eat meat to live healthier, have a more heart & GI healthy diet and to stop eating animals. Anchovies are little living fishies and I don’t really WANT to eat them. I’m still a recovering meat-aholic I guess. Thanks for the great comment!!

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