When you decide to name your child, you think about it for quite a long time. Is it a classic name? A rare and exotic name? It’s something that will be with your child for their entire life, and it’s in your hands as a parent to pick one that they’ll love.

Then there was my Mom. When her mother passed away, her and my Dad decided to name me after her. And so little baby Barbara was born. Wait a second, baby Barbara?! How is that even cute? Imagine gushing over a little baby girl with such an old name! So (and you can see it coming…) I was called ‘Barbie’.

I have blue eyes and blonde hair but other than that I have never resembled a Barbie. It would be nice to look like one, but then again, who actually looks like a Barbie doll? Having the same name doesn’t make me any closer. She only stands on her tippy toes, has a teeny tiny waist, a perfect face and long flowing blonde locks that you [hardly] need to brush. She is society’s perfect, not mine. When I was little I wanted to look like her. I thought it would make having the name Barbie easier if I looked like one. Some things change as you grow up, eh?

So why am I writing about this perfect Barbie doll beauty? Because it’s not. I have never explained why my blog or my Twitter accounts are under Barbiedollxo and Barbiedollxxo, and so I though it might be time to address it. I’m not promoting that fake beauty, the ideal that society tries to fit all women into, the one that doesn’t allow the occasional dessert, a few extra pounds, or heck – a stomach full of rolls! I want to say that HEALTHY is BEAUTIFUL. If you are healthy and you have a muffin top or if you’re healthy and you look like a Barbie doll then that is great. Don’t starve yourself and don’t eat fast food everyday. Just be healthy.

Barbie has the perfect life. She’s beautiful, in her own way, and seems to be able to do anything! She has a perfect family (although I’m still waiting to see lesbian Barbie and gay Ken). She’s had a hundred or more careers and always wears a smile on her face. There are some things about Barbie to admire and wish to accomplish but her looks – definately not. I will let my kids play with Barbie dolls and Ken dolls, and I will probably get Barbie brand things for my kids. Maybe a Barbie birthday party. But I will not name my daughter Barbara, and she will never be called ‘Barbie’ for short. She will not wish to look like a Barbie because I will teach her that she is equally beautiful.

So when you see that there is a new blog post on, it’s not some snotty gorgeous girl who thinks she looks like a Barbie. It’s a woman who spent her childhood coming up with creative retorts for “Hey Barbie, where’s Ken?!” or “Too bad you don’t actually look like a Barbie!”. Newsflash: no one does, and no one should want to. Look like your beautiful self, be original and love your body the way it is. Do things for your own self and forget society’s picture. If you want to wear something, wear it. If you want to cut or dye your hair, do it! When you look into the mirror, smile. Smile big. Because you’re beautiful. <3

*NOTE: While I never met or knew my grandmother, Barbara, I have heard that she was an amazing woman. She was kind to everyone and raised a wonderful family that I love with all of my heart. I have occasionally wished to have my own name, however these were times that I am not proud of and I do really love my name. Thank you, Nanny, I love you.*

10 thoughts on “barbiedoll…xo

  1. what`s in a name? a name can symbolize honour,respect,undying love for a love one,or is it some modern glamour starlet tag from hollywood??in your case it represents a continuous reminder of one of the sweetest ladies on this earth,along with my other sister.when i was young i walked for miles to get to her,just to give my sister a hug and a wear a name with pride apologies or explanations ever..i was named after 3 uncles and was proud of all of them,because they were DAD`S you know how often i heard”hey bert,where`s earnie??if i had a $ for each one i`d be rich.people can be cruel to make them look better?i`ve been made fun of for a bodyappendage on my face,but i got that from my mom`s side of the family,and i couldn`t love her more.contentment,beauty has absolutely nothing to do with the outside,it`s what`s inside that counts..respect everyone,try and be supportive,love who you are and the rest is cosmetic..and your grandmother ,barbara would be proud of you,that`s for sure.loves you,uncle hubert <3<3♥

  2. I Love Uncle Herbert!! I couldn’t say it any better myself. Barbie you are beautiful insde and out! Love ya girl even though I only really know you through your writings.

    1. Thank you so much!! And that’s not true – you know me!! :) You’re so great and thanks for commenting on my posts!! It’s nice to know that someone likes them!

  3. I’m still learning from you, as I’m making my way to the top as well. I absolutely love reading everything that is written on your website.Keep the stories coming. I liked it!

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