I bet you were waiting for this one eh? So was I, waiting for the day when I could finally write this blog.

On the weekend that just passed, I was eating a Tootsie Roll, against medical advice. I had done this a million times, and so I wasn’t expecting my braces to break! But I pulled a metal band off one of my teeth and so when Monday rolled around I was all set for an impromptu appointment to fix what I broke.

While laying in the chair at the orthodontists office, I said to the young lady who was to ‘fix’ my band that they should just, “take off all of my braces since I already started the job for you!”. Much to my surprise, instead of laughing at my joke (you’re right..I wasn’t really joking), she went to talk to my orthodontist. Next thing I know he is asking me to “open, close, open, bite down, open a little bit, bite down, now look this way, look the other way…” and then he says, “Are you happy with them?”. I said “YES!!” still not believing that this was really happening, and he said, “Good, me too. Take them off.” Today?! Am I really getting my braces off right now?! The assistant told me it will take a while and asked if it was alright that I miss a bit of class. Miss class to get my braces off? DUH! So off she went, me biting on gauze to lessen the pain and her yanking of the metal that has annoyed and frustrated me for 5 years and 19 days.

I didn’t tell Mom, Dad, or Kevin and surprised them when I got home! It was so hard to keep it a secret from them even for just a few hours, I’m glad it wasn’t days! We went out for supper to celebrate and I had ceasar salad and I ate all the stem-y pieces that I couldn’t eat before.

It’s now about a day and a half later, and I’m chomping on celery (not painless, but reeeeally good) as I write this. I tried an apple at lunch time which was good but it took me an hour to eat it. I think that one might take some more practice! Some of the excitement has worn off. Ok, who am I kidding? The retainers feel funny when I bite down, they cause me to lisp slightly and they cut my tongue. All if my teeth hurt and I have a headache. I cried tonight to Kevin because after 5 years, I thought it’d feel great to finally have nice teeth. Really I’m just tired. Don’t get me wrong, I love my teeth and I am so thankful not to have braces anymore! I always thought I’d love my retainers and that I’d be 100% happy with wearing them. Kevin says it will get better and will stop hurting soon so I am just waiting on soon to get here..

But enough complaining!! Really I don’t have anything to complain about because I have pretty teeth now and that’s a lot more than I could say 5 years ago! Ready for the before and after photos?


My 15-year-old self.
Up close and personal, my teeth before braces.
Yesterday, the best day ever.
The finished product, new and improved? :)

So at the risk of sounding horrible, I think my new teeth look much better. I’d also argue that I look a lot different than I did at 15. I wanted to have something really great and poetic to say about my teeth, something to really mark the occasion and something with a lot of thought and emotion invested in it, but sometimes pictures say a thousand words and when I look at these photos, I realize how much has changed. So many people in my life have made me happy, have loved me and have been there for me. I can’t describe how happy my heart is in life, and now when I feel happy I can smile.



10 thoughts on “teeth.

  1. Wow , what a difference , you were always beautiful to me but I am so happy that you now feel beautiful and want to smile. :)

    1. wow,unbelievable difference,looks good on you9no pun intended!!congratulations,no pain no gain they say,and you did it!!!loves you<3<3

  2. the most important thing in life is that the smile is sincere,not the shape of the smile..keep smiling inside as well as out…love you and wish you everything life has to offer,and may you always have the feelings you have now,forever!!,love,uncle hubert…♥

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