three years.

Summer 2007, before dating.
Together for 2 months, almost Valentine's Day, 2007
First or second visit to his Mom's place :)
Getting ready to go out.
Elevator of the hotel, first hotel stay, first trip to NS together.
06 December 2008 - First Anniversary photos
Night of my 18th birthday party at his place. Was hungover the whole next day..
Christmastime '08 in NS. Sleigh ride with Hayley & James :)
My prom 2009 - Kevin was the best date a girl could ask for <3
Day of my graduation. All of these emotional photos being taken, I asked Kevin for a silly one..
First time at Parlee beach. Best day EVER.
August 2009 - Halyley and James' wedding, I realized Kevin truely was part of my family.
On one random day, after I died my hair, we took a bunch of silly photos..but this was my favourite one.
My first time at the FREX, fall 2009.
Took a break from schoolwork to take Mac on an Autumn walk at Deer Park.
First Christmas Dinner away from my parents, and hopefully the last! We had fun though, Christmas 2009.
New Year's Eve NYC themed party at our place 2009/2010
About a month after I moved in with him, post yard work, I took a photo.
This is the day after Kevin proposed. We were at Fisherman's Cove, the weather was hot and the view was beautiful.
Thanksgiving 2010 at my parents house :)
November 2010 - Jason's Going Away/Christmas Dinner at Boston Pizza. *We miss you Jason!


I was 13 when I met Kevin. I moved in to the neighbourhood after my parents bought a house, and he and Jason lived in the house right behind ours. The first day in the new place, and they already had me trekking through the woods in search of their fort, and I learned what it was like having boys as friends.

We went to different schools, and spoke different languages (sort of) and still the kids in the neighbourhood would ‘hang out’..on those late summer evenings when your curfew is extended and you feel like you have all the time in the world to grow up.

Kevin went one way, I went another.. Jason did his thing, Marco moved.. Jordan and I took the bus together but didn’t really do much else. The girls on my street did their own thing and the few friends we had on ‘the other side’ of Oromocto West were posted. In some cases this is the normal military life, you make friends and you spend summers together and then you move and move on. I figured we had our time, and when Kevin joined the military, I figured I’d never see him again. I figured wrong.

He came home for 2 weeks in August of 2007. I was around, hanging out with him and his friends (and stupidly getting caught drinking a cooler by his pool – what was I thinking? My dad could see me from the kitchen window..) and spending evenings with his family, bonfires and swimming. When it was time for him to leave, head off to Meaford for battleschool (ugh!) I once again figured I’d never see him again.

But he called. Every Saturday night, he called. If I wasn’t home, he’d try again every hour or so (I couldn’t call him back) until I got home from work or whatever I was doing. I told myself not to like him. This was Kevin, old friend, neighbour, and now ‘young military man’ (and we all know the nickname you are thinking right now..) and I figured it’d be bad news to fall for him. I dated someone else, for two weeks, but he was an ass. (Sorry for being so blunt, but it’s true) and compared to Kevin, who was he? No one. So I broke up with him and just kept waiting for the Saturday night phone calls.

One night I messaged Kevin. What was this? What were we? Did he like me? Are we dating? He answered, “just wait and see what happens when I get home..”. I thought Oh, great! He’ll get home, be happy he had someone to call while he was gone and move on to other girls! (Ones without braces and glasses, eh! lol). But on the last Saturday before he flew home, he invited me to dinner at his place not knowing that his parents had already invited me, and I’d said yes. I thought I might have a chance!

That was on the 15th of December 2007. I got to his house and he walked down the stairs to the porch and he hugged me. Not a brotherly hug, like the ones we’ve shared before, but an ‘I couldn’t wait to see you’ hug. We smiled through supper and chatted through desert. We politely sat for a while, and then we went to watch a movie. Kevin wouldn’t stop talking and I couldn’t stop staring at his hand which was holding mine. I kissed him and he told me that he loved me. How could he love me?

Just as easily as I love him.

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