30 photos challenge.

Thirty photographs straight from the heart. (And Facebook.)
Yourself & 10 Facts

 1 – My name is Barbie…really!

2 – I am a nursing student.

3 – I was born in Halifax.

4 – I am an only child.

5 – I am engaged.

6 – My favourite colour is green.

7 – I can’t wait to get married and have children.

8 – I’m a natural blonde.

9 – I would love nothing more than to work with new moms and babies forever.

10 – I love little ones (could you notice?)

You & The Person You’ve Been Closest to Longest

My parents. My mom tried to make a case that she carried me and so we’ve been closer longer, but I know my dad, and we were just as close.

The Cast of Your Favourite Show

I love Grey’s, and I used to watch it with my Mama :)

Your Favourite Night

Even though I was heading off to university only a few months after, the feeling of knowing you are done school is like no other!

Your Favourite Memory

I love to look at old photos from when Mac was small enough to hold. Here, I fell asleep with him, he was so snuggly!

A Person You’d Love to Trade Places With for a Day

This is my Godmother :) She is a nurse, she is married with 3 amazing children, she has a beautiful home and her family nearby. She has everything I want in life, and I would love to trade places with her, to know what it is like to finally be content. I love you, and you remind me everyday of what I’m working toward. xo

Your Most Treasured Item

This is Kevin’s wedding band. Before that, it was my Grampy’s. Before that – my Mom’s Nanny’s. This ring is about 100 years old. This ring will always be my Grampy’s but I’ve said since I was small that my husband would wear it. <3

A Picture That Makes You Laugh

This is a picture of two of my cousins, and I. We are a tad goofy :)

Someone Who Has Gotten You Through The Most

This is Lisa, my Dad. She was my Dad everytime my real one left, which was quite often. She listened when I needed someone to listen, and she told me what to do like a parent to her own child. She stood up to my Mama when she was a little tough on me, and she was my mom’s shoulder to cry on too. She took me in when my parents went on a trip to buy a house in a different province, and reassured me that moving wasn’t so bad. She filled the role perfectly and still would, if I needed her to. I love you, Lisa, and won’t you please bring some kleenex for my Mom at my wedding? :) <3

The Person You’ve Done the Most Stupid Things With

Oh Kevin. Walking through the woods to see you ‘fort’ for hourssssss, was there even a fort? Drinking a rum slushie on Halloween. Biking on some random trail and cutting my legs all up because you didn’t warn against wearing shorts. Falling off your bike, knocking yourself out, and me standing there like an idiot. Being trouble makers, and rebelling when my Dad said we couldn’t be home alone together. You – driving like a maniac in your parent’s cars.. Some pretty stupid things over the years, but I love you :)

Something You Hate

‘Nuff said.

Something You Love

I love love love babies. And their Moms and Dads. And their siblings. I just adore everything about bringing a child into the world. I want to work in Labour&Delivery, and I want to have some of my own. I’m just fascinated and amazed. <3

Your Favourite Band

I love them, and seeing them live, and seeing them on tv, and all of our family memories that go along with both the funny and the sad songs.

Someone You Could Never Imagine Your Life Without

Isn’t she beautiful? This is my cousin Hayley. :) She is like the sister I never had, my old pen pal, and we are best friends. She is also my MOH for my wedding and I love her dearly. We are four years apart in age. She is expecting her first child this December. In four years, I hope I have a little girl who can look up to Madyson the way I always looked up to Hayley.

Something You Want to Do Before You Die

I want to see Celine live in concert. I’m praying she doesn’t retire before I can make this happen!

Someone Who Inspires You

This is my Aunt Ellen (and Kevin but ignore him). I think I have probably spend about 1/3 of my life at her house, every summer and Christmas when we’d visit. She is the one who has been there for every event, either physically or through phone calls :) She gave me $10 dollars when I lost my first tooth (the tooth fairy ‘accidently’ thought I was there visiting) and she has always been involved, just like that. She surprised me with a visit all the way to Petawawa and she spent a week in New Brunswick for my Prom and Graduation. A few years ago, she was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor and had neurosurgery and I (of course) went to see her. She lost the hearing in one ear, went through rehabilitation and radiation and the tumor still isn’t 100% gone. Her daughter got married and I was there, amazed as I watched her dance the night away, like I wasn’t sure she would. This year she was diagnosed with cancer and I went to see her. She is so strong. She bounced back like no one I’ve ever seen. She helps the other people in her life, like she always has and her kindness and love touches everyone who knows her. Her daughter is pregnant now, and her son is getting married. I know I’ll be there, watching her hold her new little grandbaby and dancing with her son on his day. I also know, without a doubt, that she won’t stop there. <3

Something That Has Made a Huge Impact on Your Life Recently

These are cancer cells. I would love to list everyone who suffers from this evil disease but there aren’t enough characters available. Just know that to all my friends and family who have cells like these inside them – you are so brave, and so strong, and I love you. xo

Your Biggest Insecurity

Hello there braces! I’ve had them for about 4 & 1/2 years now..

When You Were Little

This was on the hill in Petawawa :) Lots of good memories! Sometimes I’d love to be a kid again.

Somewhere I’d Love to Travel

I’ve been there before, with my parents, but I was little and I barely remember anything and so I’d really love to go back. For those of you who may not know, my office is Paris-themed. :)

Something You Wish You Could Forget

I’d like to forget everyday that we’ve been apart.

Something You Wish You Were Better At

I suppose that’s self-explanatory! :)

Your Favourite Book

It’s the notebook. I love their love and how true and pure it is. I like to hope that Kevin would be just like Noah, if the story ever came true.

Something You Wish You Could Change

I would love to have graduated from ‘nursing student’ to “Barb Weir BN RN” already … someday!

You Favourite Day

Christmas. This childhood tradition has carried on in my heart, and I don’t think I could ever not love Christmas. It gets even better this year, with the birth of little Madyson!

Something That Means a Lot to You

This is a photo of my engagement ring from Kevin and of Grampy’s ring. While both mean the world to me, so does the marriage itself. When I say “I do” on August 31st, 2013, it will be forever. I won’t just be agreeing to vows that someone made up a couple hundred years ago, I will be promising to love Kevin forever, and that I will be there for him always. We won’t make the same mistakes, Amour. xoxo

Yourself and a Family Member (or two)

I love these ladies with all my heart! We are the three girls in our generation of cousins and we’ve been so close for so long. I’m very lucky to have you in my life, and I love you! :)

Something You’re Afraid of

Porcelain dollssssssss Eek! (Note: this is the only one that I’m not currently scared of, the picture is merely a representation of all procelain dolls)

Something That Makes You Smile

This was in Ontario, and according to my Dad I didn’t know he was having me for dinner until afterwards. During the same trip, my parents missplaced me among the deer until I yelled out from the middle of a crowd of them. Very terrifying, I still try not to get too close!

Something That You Miss

I think that the ocean is good for the soul, and for the heart. I miss the ocean.


Barbiedoll, xo

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