Sherry Lynn Taylor.

Everyday I take the same route to school. I hop in the car, turn on the radio or a CD (Celine, usually, my guilty pleasure!) and head out. It takes me anywhere between 20 minutes to a half an hour to get there, depending on traffic. I’ll be the first to admit I might rush that daily commute (My first and only time being pulled over was for speeding on the way home from school) or I’ll drive a little close to the occasional bumper..

There is something unique about my twice-daily drive along this route, and that is Sherry Lynn Taylor. I don’t know who she is (and if someone does, please share her story with me!) but I see her everyday. About 3/4 of the way to school, or 1/4 of the way home, there is a white cross on the side of the road. It’s plain, but surrounded by bright green-leafed trees with the beautiful blue river as its backdrop. I wonder about her everyday, and if I realize once I’ve gotten to my destination that I didn’t take a second to gaze at the cross on my way by, I just don’t feel right.

You see, one winter day in December 2009, I was driving (this same route) to an exam. I almost got in an accident with my car, rounding the top of a hill (at the posted speed limit of 70) to find a car stopped completely, waiting to turn left. I slammed on the breaks and my car did everything but stop. It fishtailed into oncoming traffic and then the other way towards the ditch, and continued while I frantically tried everything my Dad and driver’s course had tried to teach me. I finally came to a stop facing the left lane, purpendicular to the stopped car. I couldn’t even breathe. Looking out my left driver’s window, I saw another Nursing student who had been following behind me, on the way to the same exam. Her eyes were huge, and I’m sure mine were too! I’m so glad she was paying attention and stopped when she saw me lose control. As far as I could tell, the car waiting to turn left never saw a thing, and once it was gone I straightened out and headed to my exam (albeit a tad shakey!).

That was the first time I noticed Sherry Lynn Taylor.

I assume that she may have gotten in a car accident. Maybe it was winter, or maybe someone was drinking, or texting, or talking, or whatever. Her family probably put the cross there, because (again assuming) she probably died at the scene. I don’t really know what happened and I probably never will, but that day her cross said to me, “Be careful!”. These days people are doing all sorts of distracting things behind the wheel and there is no need of it. If you want to LIVE you need to be careful! Find your Sherry, your person or your passion and stay alive for it! Remind yourself when you’re rushing off to work or to school that getting that good parking spot or answering text messages should not cost you your life. Slow down, not just when you’re driving, but slow down. Life is gone too fast.

12 thoughts on “Sherry Lynn Taylor.

  1. Barbara it was just a fluke thati clicked on to your blog on FB. I did not know sherry taylor, but know some of her family. yes she died at the scene…her car went over the bank and into the river. I believe it was on a Saturday morning ,not sure exactly when but not winter, at the time it was believed she had a siezure. hope this doesn’t take the mystic out of this for you. but no matter what it was tragic

  2. Oh it doesn’t take anything out of it! I was hoping someone would be able to tell me about her! I feel like I know her, I’ve stared at her name so much! If you know someone in her family, please send them the link or let them read this! I’d love for them to know that her name and her cross has affected someone! <3 Thanks Eleanor!

  3. Barbie, This is a very powerful message and I thank you for taking the time to share it. God Bless you for being the Caring and Loving young lady that you are and we will all be blessed to have you as our Nurse!!
    God Bless Sherry Lynn Taylor and her family. I pray that they find some comfort in knowing that her memory is not lost and that she is helping people remember to “slow down” and enjoy Life to the Fullest!

    Love from Cousin Lois xoxoxo

  4. Hi, I am choosing to reamin anonomys, but however, I do know alot about sherry lynn taylor <3. She was a social worker for Human Resources Fredericton, whom worked with troubled teens and children in the system, in and out of foster care, and did all she could to make a difference. She was loved by so many especially me! I was one of those teens, always in trouble, addicted to drugs at a young age, and given to the province of NB becuase my faily didnt know what to dow ith me. I thought I had no one until i met her. Sherry changed my life. She gave me something I didnt think i would ever find! A true friend. She went above and beyond her duties to make sure i knew someone loved me and to be a positive influance on my life. When I learned she had gotten into an accident, i was devistated. Becuase at that point I had lost my best friend. Sherry would do things she wasnt "supposed" to do by law, but did them anyway. Took me shopping and spent weekends having "girl" time and just plain ol having fun. Then i lost her and my world crashed once again. Once i came to light, I realized she had changed my life for the better. I then managed to make a good realtionship with my family again, got off drugs, and continued on with an amazing life. If it hadnt been for her, in all honestly, i would be dead by now. I was headed down a path of self distrcution until she came in, and was my guardian angel. I still have a hard time driving by the location of her memorial on Lincoln road, but know that her family does everything in their power to keep her memory alive. She really was a remarakble person, and the reason why I have such a wonderful life that i do now. I wish I could have gotten the chance to tell her :( But being able to tell someone else whom cares so much for her as I do, makes it all worth while. And having someone know that she made a difference in my life….seems satisfying. I know she is in heaven looking down on me and for the progress ive made. I miss her dearly…but she always lives on in my heart. She is such an important part of my life and who I am today, her memory will NEVER be forgotten. I even went to the extent of having an angel on my arm in memoriam of her….may she rest in peace! THANK YOU Sherry Lynn for being my rock, my support, my best friend, my everything! I will love you until the time we get to meet again. XOXOXO

    1. Hi Erica! I feel a sense of pride knowing that the woman I wrote about was not only a good person but one who has impacted so many lives! I have always wanted to take a picture of her memorial for my blog but I feel like showing it to strangers around the world would change something about it. It’s all in the feeling when you drive by, isn’t it? I want to thank you for your beautiful comment and for sharing your story. I read it to my fiance from my phone when we were out for lunch and we are both amazed at how far you have come, and I am incredibly grateful you’re sharing it with me – and that you read my blog in the first place! I wish you all the best in health and hapiness in the future! Thanks again.

      Barb Weir

  5. Your Welcome Barb. I have a sense of pride in knowing she was the one to make me realize there were more important things in life, and that the path I was headed down was the wrong one. She was one amazing lady, and friend, and if I could share my story and put a smile on anyone’s face in her memory, Im so glad I could. She would be so proud of who I have become and how far I have actually gone in life. I am now married with two incredible sons, have been drug free for over 12 years, and have a beautiful home, and a extremely loving relationship with my mother and family, ALL becuase of the wisdom she had taught me. If she only knew the impact she had on so MANY people :) And im glad you had this sense about her. Maybe she was telling you to slow down, take your time, becuase rushing hardly seems wirth handing your life in the hands of god at such an early time in your life. THATS what she awlways used to tell me! “For what we dont get accomplished today, there will always be a tomorrow”….”and for when your tomorrow has ended, you leave this earth knowing you have done all you can”…. <3

    1. Hi Erica, My name is Connie Bender and I am Sherry’s sister. I know it has been many years since you posted this – but I would love to connect. I shared this blog with my family and your comments and those of Barb, deeply impacted us all. We are so fortunate to have stumbled upon this. Sherry would be so extremely proud of you without question. Thanks for sharing your story. Please contact me if you are interested in connecting:

  6. Thanks for your blog Barb. It deeply moved me. She was such a special person and it warms my heart to know she is still positively impacting people today – 20 years later. I still miss her so much. If I can still reach you through this blog – Please reach out to me if you would like to connect. Thanks

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