number one.

This is blog post number one.

My very first venture into the world of blogging.

(I better have something good to say!)

I moved out two days ago. I had actually been gone for a while, but two days ago on Monday, the 10th of May, I actually moved out. I packed the rest of my non-essentials and hit the road. I moved out two days ago and I think it was the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

K has had his own place for a couple years now, but any girl with a head on her shoulders doesn’t move out while she’s still in high school. Heck, some don’t even move out before graduating from university! How do you tell your parents that you want to leave their nest for the big open sky? It doesn’t matter that K is the most amazing, kind, gentle, and loving bird around, to them he’s still the crow stealing me from the nest.

So, anyway, I packed my stuff. First, it was just the things I wouldn’t need until school starts again in September. Then it was some clothes and my work uniforms, since I was staying over a lot. Then I took some photos and before I knew it I had made two trips with Chevy and one with Dad’s truck. But it’s what I want, right? It’s what I want, some space to spread my wings a little and see what I can do. But I don’t want to leave my parents in the dust. I am flying in this big world, but I hope I still know how to land.

I moved out two days ago, and I’m still scared. K tells me not to be scared, that everything will be okay, and that he loves me. I believe him, and I tell him I’m fine, but I’m scared. I had a good time in the nest, life was good! It’s tough to be on your own. The best part? My new nest, is only 5 minutes away from the old one. <3


3 thoughts on “number one.

  1. Oh barbie Doll, That was beautiful!! Good luck in your new nest and I know that you are very much aware how close you are to the old nest.

    Loves ya,
    Cousin Lois

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