Mommy Minute Monday – Back to Work

First, sorry I didn’t post last week! I thought I had a post scheduled and before I knew it, it was Tuesday and there was no #MMM! 

This past week I went to work and booked my summer schedule. I’m a casual Registered Nurse (RN) and I go back to work on July 2nd. Baby bird will be six months old.

This isn’t a decision that my husband and I made lightly. I am fully aware that some countries (even next door in the U.S.) women may get little to no maternity leave/benefits. I know how lucky I am to be offered an entire year at home with my baby.

But I’m only taking half. It’s a plan we have had in place for a while but now that the end date is quickly approaching I’m not sure if I’m ready. Or if she’s ready. I love my job and I can’t wait to get back to it, but my job as a Maman is so important, too.

I’ve never been away from her for longer than four hours, how will I get through 12? I know it’s the right decision but I am getting more and more anxious about going back!

When did you go back to work after having a baby! Leave your experience in the comments below!

Role Reversal

Kevin and I both began our working life babysitting. We definitely went separate directions – work-wise – after that, but like most preteens/teenagers we began pocketing a few dollars here and there by babysitting!

I actually had quite the business going when I lived in Ontario, my Dad had even printed off some ‘Babysitting by Barbara’ business cards and I had quite a few families that put me to good use! When I moved to New Brunswick I babysat for two families before moving on to other jobs.

When I finally stopped babysitting (during university) I saved these emergency info notepad sheets that I had from the earlier days thinking that someday I would have a baby and need them again!

On March28 we had our first ‘official’ babysitter watch our daughter while we went out for lunch and an afternoon matinée at the theatre! I filled out a little sheet for her, pumped as much milk as I could manage, and off we went! We had a great afternoon but it was certainly quite a role-reversal for us to be the ones needing a babysitter!

Hopefully she’ll come back and do it again, sometime! :)