Baby Bump Update – Week 26

IMG_5129 IMG_5136

Baby is the size of:
a head of lettuce!

Total weight gained: 11lbs
Pre-pregnancy – 145lbs
April – 142lbs
May – 148lbs
June – 151lbs
July – 156lbs
August – 158lbs
September – 164lbs

Maternity clothes?
Love them when I just want to be comfortable (and be sure my belly won’t stick out under my shirt!)

Stretch marks?
Yup! But so far (knock on wood) not on my belly!

Sleep is great in between the crazy dreams and frequent bathroom breaks!

Best moment of the week?
Finally having some new family members feeling baby kick!

Missing anything?

All the time!

Food cravings?
Nothing really noteworthy in the last little while..

Anything making you sick?
Nothing! Unless I lay down just after eating, but that’s my own fault haha

Belly button in or out?
Still in there! But getting kinda shallow..

Wedding rings on or off?
On! Except occasionally after work when I’m a little puffy.

Moody or happy?
Mostly happy!

What are you looking forward to this week?

Past, Present, and Future

Reunited DSC_0667

The above photos were taken in (L) 2012 and (R) 2013.
They are pictures of monumental moments in our lives.

Kevin and I have known each other since 2004, and individually we have had many monumental moments. We, as individuals, have celebrated milestones, overcome obstacles, and changed in profound ways. And then in 2007, we decided that maybe we’d like to begin to share some of those moments, milestones, obstacles, and changes.

We decided that we’d think about each other when we made plans or decisions. That we’d spend time in each other’s company. We decided to share our lives with each other, not knowing where it might end up. And we were together through Germany and grade 11. Through Hawaii and BC, grade 12, graduation, and starting university. We stuck together through years of learning how to be adults and live on our own, and studying day in and day out.

And we talked about marriage. We thought about marriage. And we worried about marriage. But I guess something in Kevin decided he would succeed where so many have failed. He wanted to give marriage a shot, and he wanted to marry me. So he asked and then he waited..waited for me to finally be ready.

And on a gorgeous, sunny day in Halifax last summer – August 31st, 2013, we married each other. It was a monumental moment. We decided that we’d think about each other when we made plans or decisions. That we’d spend time in each other’s company. We decided on a lifetime of sharing monumental moments, milestones, obstacles and changes. And we have spent the last year smiling and crying as we do just that.

Today, I’m not just thinking about our first year of marriage or the time we spent together before that. I’m also thinking about the future. What will our lives be like on our next anniversary? On the fifth? What will our 50th wedding anniversary be like? I guess that’s the thing – we can’t possibly know now. Just like I didn’t know at 13 years old that I would someday marry the scraggly, rough, insanely nice boy that lived behind me.

What I do know? Kevin picked me. He chose to love me. Forever.

That’s some pretty great luck – past, present, and future.




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