Baby Bump Update – Week 29


Baby is the size of:
an acorn squash!
Total weight gained: 19lbs
Pre-pregnancy – 145lbs
April – 142lbs
May – 148lbs
June – 151lbs
July – 156lbs
August – 158lbs
September – 164lbs
Maternity clothes?
More and more of my pre-pregnancy clothes are getting too small!
Stretch marks?
Yup! More of them each week it seems..
It’s getting harder to get comfortable, and I wake up a lot for bathroom breaks. Still managing to stay rested though!
Best moment of the week?
Seeing baby Emily on our 28wk ultrasound, with HAIR! :)
Missing anything?
All the time!
Food cravings?
Nothing that really stands out..
Anything making you sick?
Heart burn can get pretty bad on night shifts but most of the time it’s tolerable!
Belly button in or out?
Still in but looking really weird!
Wedding rings on or off?
I’m still wearing them but they’re pretty tight. :|
Moody or happy?
A mix of both!
What are you looking forward to this week?


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